Pablo Alfieri’s Playful Colours
Whether he’s working with fluorescents or pastels, Argentinian designer Pablo Alfieri starts by establishing a palette of ‘found’ colours.

“I’m observant: when I’m travelling I see everything and find amazing palettes; in an old sign, a shop window, or at fishing port, with boats, boxes and containers,” he explains. “So I take lots of photographs and build up different palettes of colours.”

Pablo mixes digital with hand-making techniques, using a variety of materials to create a mischievous ‘new reality’, where ordinary rules don’t apply; then he stores all those choices “using digital tools, in my computer.” When he decided to launch his website and update his graphic identity, he got creative, mixing fashion, make-up, typography, neon, and various lighting effects.

“The idea was to create impact and shock, making something very fresh, and quite different to the usual process of creating a branded identity. Working with a model, fluorescent colours and black light (UV), we created these backgrounds for my website,” he said.

He explains, that although he used photography, there were real-world restrictions to the project. “We needed shocking, fluorescent colours, so we went looking in stores for garments, and the decisions were made there and then, depending on the clothes we found.”

For Alfieri, a special factor of working with colours this spontaneously is that “you can never copy them again” – they are truly of the moment.