Type Art Now
It’s hard to miss the current vogue for illustration-based ads and other projects – but even more noticeable at the moment is a trend for putting text front and centre, integrating it into the very fabric of the image in detailed, elaborate artworks.

The ultimate guide to Colour
Designers and illustrators are experimenting more and more with colour, influenced by digital technology and hands-on techniques, the worlds of fashion and trend forecasting, and ideas borrowed from science, medicine and art. The ways you can explore and produce colour are constantly increasing – and the results are positively blooming.

Why don't you... - how to develop a new style
Stuck in a creative rut? Alice Ross discovers the tips and techniques shared by leading illustrators including TipToe Collective, Stuart Boyd, Matt Lyon, Simon Wild and others advising you how to hone your style and up your game

10 ways to... be more creative
Creativity is like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. But there are also some quick and easy techniques you can use to jump-start your ideas. We spoke to leading creatives to discover the shortcuts that leapfrog them towards their best work – whatever medium they work in.


21 must-try projects set by the world's best creatives

21 of the world’s best creatives bring you projects you must try. Be inspired by briefs created just for you by Erik Spiekermann, Jon Burgerman (above), Ben The Illustrator, McBess, David Pearson, Jonathan Kenyon from Vault 49, Lizzie Mary Cullen and many more!