With the hustle and bustle of the Internet, it's easy to fixate on what's easy to read in fleeting seconds. Not everything you need to know can be condensed into seven single-sentence bullet points though, so here are our most popular features from the last year, showing you in-depth how to enhance your creativity, boost your business and discover cutting-edge styles.

As a bonus to inspire you for the year ahead, check out our project briefs at the end of this article, where 21 leading designers and artists have set you creative tasks to fire up your imagination.

The cutting edge of vector art
Like watercolours, spray cans and crayons, vectors are just a tool. But in the right hands, powered by the right imagination, they can be spectacular.

How to build a winning portfolio
Here we've spoken to four very successful illustrators to garner what they've learned over years of honing their portfolio, and how you can do the same - great advice that even experienced artists should heed to help pep up their current offering.

Master hand-drawn art
Rediscover your love of drawing & see your art take flight. We speak to creatives who have a passion for the hand-fashioned

New adventures in digital painting: artists who are transforming brushworked art
Digital painting is stepping into the big leagues. Alice Ross meets the creatives poised to create a stir with their work

Photoshop's Secrets Revealed
There are myriad ways to exploit Photoshop’s incredible power. Here five experts tell Graeme Aymer their techniques for outstanding compositions

Sex and Art: The ultimate guide to creating work that's classy, sensual and fun
Get it right and your images will shimmer with sensuality; get it wrong and it'll just look sordid. Alice Ross leads you through the minefield that is sex-themed art.