With the hustle and bustle of the Internet, it's easy to fixate on what's easy to read in fleeting seconds. Not everything you need to know can be condensed into seven single-sentence bullet points though, so here are our most popular features from the last year, showing you in-depth how to enhance your creativity, boost your business and discover cutting-edge styles.

The graphic designer's guide to interactive design

How you can break into web & app design by Craig Grannell

Nightmare Clients... and how to tame them

We’ve probably all had at least one client from hell, but how do you spot them from afar, and how do you keep them under control? Laura Snoad finds out

Illustrated Portraits
What is the secret of convincing portraiture, whether done digitally or in traditional media or a mixture of the two? And how important is it that depictions be faithful to the subject, or is there a great deal of latitude in terms of personal interpretation? Michael Burns talked to a group of leading illustrators to find out.

How to avoid being exploited

Don’t work for a pittance – know the hows and whys of earning a fair reward, says Neil Bennett

Design for change -- how your art and designs can make the world a better place

Why are more and more creatives devoting their energies to good causes? Lisa Hassell investigates how your art and designs can make the world a better place

Heavy Metal Revolution - how rock art became hip again

Once the preserve of cartoon violence and crass misogyny, Michael Burns discovers how today’s rock album and poster art has become hip again

Discover the world's best character art

A guided tour of the artists, exhibitions, workshops and entertainment of Berlin’s annual character design and art festival

The new tricks of the trade: the secrets of cutting-edge illustrators

Some of the world’s most talented and in-demand creatives reveal the secrets to their success

The secrets to success as a designer, illustrator or artist

Should I be part of a professional creative body? Should I work for free? Michael Burns discovers the answers to the questions about how to succeed in the design industry, with advice from those in the know.

DIY Design: get into zine culture with this in-depth guide

Self-generated projects such as zines, picture books and illustration-led comics are causing a buzz in the creative community. Alice Ross reveals how you can create one today

The Future of Graphic Design

The trends, techniques and technologies at the cutting edge of graphic design – and how you can use them to produce your best work

Break into Fashion Illustration

Its roots may be in clothes, but fashion illustration is a style in itself, and it is currently enjoying a renaissance, says Graeme Aymer