Tobias Hall’s casual yet creative lettering for YouTube

You may have seen the #MadeForYou YouTube campaign on digital escalator panels or bus stops around London.

It’s a strong marketing move dreamt up by creative agency We Are Social to celebrate the rising stars of the video platform and their impact on popular culture.

London freelance illustrator Tobias Hall was commissioned by the guys at We Are Social to create a number of lettering styles for the campaign, which are placed in the backdrop of the campaign posters in a subtle yet crucial manner. 

British YouTube talent’s Marcus Butler, CupcakeJemma, TanyaBurr and OliWhite - among 14 others - pose in front of a wallpaper of grey doodles and hand-written phrases illustrated by Tobias to reflect the individuality of each YouTube creator, including filmmakers, musicians, comedians, spoken word poets and fashionistas.


“[We Are Social] were keen to make sure none of the lettering styles were too polished. In fact, initially it took a little while to establish the styles they wanted to see,” says Tobias. 

“In the first instance my attempts were possibly a little too refined. The idea was that the lettering looked as though it had been casually scribbled on.”

It took Tobias around a week to nail the lettering styles, before creating textural squares on pieces of A3 paper using a mixture of brush pens, pigment liners, felt tips and even a biro.


“These squares consisted of a number of hand drawn phrases and doodles, each relating to a YouTube creator,” says Tobias. 

“Then I’d scan each square into Photoshop, before live tracing in Illustrator and supplying the vector files to We Are Social. There were 18 creators in total, so it was quite a lot of work!”


The entire project took around three weeks to complete.

Tobias started working with typography and lettering soon after graduating in 2010, illustrating for clients such as Vodafone, Toyota and TIME magazine. 

#MadeForYou was designed to pay homage to the thriving video-based online social society, and YouTuber personalities impact on pop culture. With the campaign's chosen YouTube celebrities attracting a total of 48 million subscribers, their influence is profound and worth celebrating.


The campaign includes video spots across 275 cinemas, selected tube stations, Oxford Street bus shelters, wraps of London’s Routemaster buses and a 360 wrap of Oxford Circus. It will run until December 12.

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