This Beautiful Animation Delves into a Famous Astrophysicist’s Mind

Science and art are often considered polar opposites: one technical, one passionate; one the quiet haven of loners, one the stomping ground of eccentrics; one rigid, one flexible. 

But, in the explosion of science-inspire artworks that Digital Arts have covered – including sketches of how animals were imagined throughout history, planet-inspired posters and NASA’s retro space travel posters – what both scientists and artists would call a pattern is emerging. These two seemingly disparate disciplines are complimentary, demanding talent, an open mind and creativity.

No project we’ve covered has gone quite so far, so beautifully, in merging the two subjects as animation company Not To Scale and director-designer Colin Hesterly’s animation.

The intriguing short accompanies astrophysicist France A Cordova’s interview with magazine Nautilus with a mesmerising, cosmic colour palette of purples, pinks and blue in a beautiful, strange and compulsive visual translation of Cordova’s words.

“My very first thought when approaching the film was to make everything as dramatic as possible. I wanted the story to feel bigger than life. France overcame some pretty big obstacles in her life and I wanted the visuals to match that same sense of scale,” said Colin. 

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