These fresh iMessage stickers from Ciara Phelan's Grand Matter seek to empower young woman

Ladies, this one’s for you. Creative agency Grand Matter combined creative efforts with a talented group of artists to unveil a new digital sticker campaign called ‘To the Girls’.

The theme? Empowerment.

To the Girls explores the depths of modern issues of limitation and inequality that continue to plague women today. Grand Matter’s vision for the campaign is not only to generate discussion about themes such as confidence, empowerment and body ownership, but it also hopes to make strides in creating a better future for all.

In light of a series of sexual abuse scandals revealed among Hollywood’s elite - along with the thousands occurring out of the spotlight - it seems that now more than ever is the perfect time for an international effort for positive change.

To the Girls showcases 34 digital stickers that were dreamed up by a talented selection of newly established creative agency Grand Matter’s roster. Artists such as Alec Doherty, Alice Bowsher, Owen Gildersleeve and Saskia Pomeroy (stickers above) were briefed with phrases such as “free the nipple” and “my body, my choice” - resulting in a powerful mix of playful yet daring designs.

“It’s exciting to be part of something that will have a positive impact for girls”, says contributing artist Alice Bowsher (stickers below), “I hope the designs will be fun to use and make a difference.”

The artists applied their creative styles to thoughtfully compiled phrases that promote female empowerment. The result? An assortment of bold and diverse stickers that are united by their shared vision (and a shared colour palette).

Because millennials have an overwhelming tendency to communicate through technology - specifically through emojis and stickers - the stickers are aimed for usage in iMessage chats.

The curators hope that while millennials enjoy incorporating the fresh stickers into their everyday messaging, conversations of positive change will occur as a result.

The stickers are available to download on the Apple iTunes Store for for £0.99, but the activism doesn’t stop there. All proceeds from the ‘To the Girls’ app support the UN Foundation initiative Girl Up. Girl Up is ‘committed to uniting girls to change the world’, empowering adolescents around the world by encouraging them to take action.

All profits from the downloads will be donated to the UN Foundation initiative, Girl

Up, who is ‘committed to uniting girls to change the world’ by encouraging them to take action.

Girl Up directs its advocacy efforts towards the challenges girls face in education, health, safety and leadership. Backed by cultural figures such as Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, actress Cara Delevingne and former US olympic swimmer Rebecca Soni, Girl Up has raised over $8.5 million and directly impacted thousands of girls from Guatemala, Ethiopia, India and more.

“The most valuable thing to me is helping girls everywhere have the same opportunities available to them as I did growing up”, says Rebecca Soni. “I strong believe we can all make a difference in the lives of girls”.

By downloading the To the Girl app, join Girl Up and Grand Matters in sparking discussions of equality and inspiring positive social change on a global scale.

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