From a rock to a ruck

With clients ranging from O2 to Samsung and Smirnoff, London-based studio Saddington Baynes doesn’t really have projects that can be called ‘typical’. “What could be thought of as typical, though, is that we are usually brought in to solve a complex visual challenge and for our experience in creating emotional reactions,” says their creative director, James Digby-Jones.

One example of the agency’s work is their series of images created for Bank of Ireland’s sponsorship of Irish rugby. Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop were the main packages used.

To produce the image above, the characters were captured in action and then sculpted in 3D to produce the base forms. Camera lensing and lighting were matched to a photograph of a stadium before compositing began.

The studio tried to strike a balance between raw atmospheric materials and making the faces recognisable. The final composite was an amalgamation of CG rock and water sculpting, tornado particle simulations, molten rock visual FX and photo illustration – all brought together with a larger-than-life dynamic colour grade.