Sssh, don't tell anyone but Secret Cinema is back

It's a little away from our focus on art, design and animation, but Secret Cinema is just the kind of event that wil appeal to creatives -- and we've just been let know that that more tickets to the June event are now on sale.

For those who haven't been, Secret Cinema shows films in their best possible setting. The film's a secret, the location's a secret -- but you can be sure that the showing will be accompanied by a riot of entertainment. Films shown include Alien in a disused science lab (below), and The Warriors at a hastily constructed funfair at a lido in Hackney (bottom).

The best so far was a showing of Bugsy Malone at the Troxy art deco cinema in Limehouse, with 1920s entertainments, boxing and even cars from the era circling the block outside. The best part, however, was when they stopped the film just before it's climax, quickly circulated disposiable ponchos and custard pies, and kicked off a massive splurge fight as the messy end was shown. There may be evidence of me taking part in this below...

Here's the blurb for the next set of showings:

"Taking place over 6 days due to high demand and now expanded further due to its huge ticket sales. If you were unable to buy tickets the first time round you can now try again. The event is from 15th - 20th June and will take audiences to a brave new world, interconnected by interactive experiences. The event will start at 7pm each evening and there are 1pm matinees on Saturday and Sunday.
Secret Cinema is looking for more adventurers, star-gazers, explorers and those that may be stranded due to eruptions to join them on its next journey. Featuring live performers, cutting edge multimedia, music and much, much more, this is a trip not to forget. This is your last chance. Visit the ticket station here:"

If we need some kind of link to design/tech, I should point out that the whole thing is sponsored by Microsoft's Windows phone. And for the record, we don't know what the film is, but we suspect it'll involve a chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure.

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