See What These 80s Film Characters Look Like in the Modern World

UK-based designer and illustrator Tom Ward has created a series of images of classic 1980s film and television characters in the modern world. 

See ET ride on the front of a Segway, The Karate Kid perform Psy’s Gangnam Style and a Ghostbusters selfie take place. 

Other characters include Marty McFly from Back to the Future, The Terminator and the robot from Short Circuit.

Tom Ward works in graphic design, branding and illustration for clients such as Levi’s, Bupa, WWF and the NHS, but he "loves all things to do with popular culture".

"I thought it would be fun to give some classic 80s films and TV character a modern twist and put them in situations they might find themselves in today’s world," he says.

See if you can remember these characters, and the films they feature in.

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