Raising money for charity through football and typography

At the start of this year’s football World Cup, almost every newspaper was giving away a wallchart listing the match fixtures – and most looked like photo galleries or spreadsheets. This prompted designer David Watson, aka Treble Seven Design, to produce his own chart, one true to the principles of graphic design. His aim was not only to satisfy those with a fondness for aesthetics, but also to raise money for Unicef’s Soccer Aid project.

The chart proved a hit. Now David has released a set of posters, available from trebleseven.com and once more in support of Soccer Aid, listing this season’s fixtures for nine of the 20 English Premier League teams.

David describes these charts as a “reaction again to the numerous fixture lists that were appearing in the papers. All bar a few look uninspiring and visually dull.”

Influenced by ‘less is more’ designers such as Josef Müller-Brockman and Wim Crouwel, David says he wanted to “create a poster that was a visual celebration of your team’s season ahead”. The posters are dynamic and colourful without being garish. Even non-football-loving designers and artists should be happy to have them on their walls, which should help avoid arguments in studios up and down the country about which putting them up.

“It’s all about doing design that you love, that’s positive and gets back your passion for designing,” says David. “It’s a total buzz that people want to hang your designs on their walls. The added fact that it’s helping a charity is brilliant, but I haven’t done this to gain any moral high ground.”

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