The Power of Combining Art and Science

Discovering your creative style can spark inspiration, as exciting creatives including acclaimed ‘doodle-bomber’ Hattie Stewart and logo designer Will Paterson found out when they took part in an Adobe ‘Co Lab’ session to test the science behind creativity.

Science and creativity - think of these two concepts and you'll probably end up with the old 'left side of the brain versus right' idea, where one part of the organ is apparently the base of all human creativity.

It's a bit deeper than that, though, and so is the field of investigation between imagination and science, as you can see in this Adobe Live session led by Adobe’s Creative Cloud Evangelist Rufus Deuchler, where he discusses creativity and technology in the age of AI with Kim Pimmel, artist and designer of Aero, and Erin Kim, artist and designer of Dimension.

Building on this theme, Adobe ran a ‘Co Lab’ at the festival with a number of creative guests, cementing its position at the forefront of innovation.

Held in partnership with Dr Caroline Luft, a leading authority on the psychology of creativity, the Adobe Co-Lab focused on the interactions between science and art, looking at the neurological behaviours that trigger creativity, and the impact of collaboration on the creative process.

Transporting her lab to Barcelona, Dr Luft used EEG machines to monitor creatives’ brainwaves, giving each guest a bespoke insight into their optimum creative ways of working, and their personal triggers for creativity.

Attendees were divided into three groups, with a mixture of creative specialisms within each one, and tasked with producing a piece of artwork reflecting their take on Creative Democracy – one of Adobe’s 2019 Visual Trends, which focuses on how people are increasingly using technology to elevate and share their own raw, authentic moments in full, vivid colour – using Adobe tools and featuring a Stock asset. The resulting artworks highlighted the brilliance sparked through diversity, which is key to Creative Democracy, as you can see below.

This very en vogue piece from the Adobe Co-Labs was made by the group of George Townley, Niloufar Behradi-Ohnacker, Yael Weiser and Sarah Alice Hasenmaile.

This video comes from a collaboration between acclaimed 'doodle-bomber' Hattie Stewart and Peter Ohnacker, Anna Wanda Gogusey, David Amberzumjan, successfully capturing the essence of the Creative Democracy trend.

So there you have it! Fusing art and science can result in some pretty special work. To learn more about the different ways in which artists approach creative projects, why not check out this Adobe Live session featuring designer and director GMUNK:

Feeling inspired? Feed your creativity by catching up on Adobe’s latest Live sessions on demand here.

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