Iain Sellar


“Recently, I have gone back to keeping my original line work, rather than recreating the work in Illustrator, as I feel it has a bit more life and personality. I usually apply colours in Photoshop and then bring things back to the real world by screen printing as much as possible.

“I’ve also recently started experimenting with laser cutting onto found pieces of wood and I’ve been pretty pleased with the results. As for a secret, I’d say late nights, cider and Monster Munch is the ideal cocktail for creativity.”

Bristol doodler and Dirty Old Town artist, iainsellar.com

Alan Silvester, Dirtyface


“All my artwork is created by hand initially, starting with pencil then inking it up to form clear, bold line art. I then scan the work into Illustrator and using the Pen tool trace the work line by line, expanding out the lines to paths when the entire piece has been traced. There are two key tools I can’t work without, the Pen tool as it’s so controllable and allows me to replicate any line I want from an image. The second key tool is the Pathfinder, which I use to manipulate vectors in almost any way possible; it’s a great time saver.” 

Limited edition clothing and apparel, dirtyface.co.uk

Karin Soderquist


“My 3D work is made out of laser cut MDF, and to create it I first draw all the pieces in pencil, trace it with a fine liner, scan it, and open it in Photoshop. There I use the Magic Wand to place a two pixel stroke around the image. The stroke is placed in a new layer and the old one containing the drawing is deleted. To laser cut something the image needs to be a vector, so after that I open my image in Illustrator and Live Trace it. I use the Hand Drawn Sketch setting as I find that makes the lines nice and smooth.”

London-based artist and illustrator, karinsoderquist.com

Jennie Webber


“When I start new work, I have to shut every book, hide all pictures and close every tab [on my browser]. Though I’m inspired by other artists, I find that clearing both my head and my desk of any visual stimuli when I put pen to paper makes for a much more considered image. Decisions are easier when you are focused on what’s in front of you.

“Also, clean your screen. I’ve wasted far too much time trying to clean actual dirt with Photoshop’s Eraser.”

Camberwell MA Illustration student, jenniewebber.com