Julia Pott


“Multiplying video layers over found textures and screening block colours over collage helps marry all the elements, so that no one aspect is too overpowering. I combine collage, found textures and hand drawings to create compositions.”

Animator and illustrator, juliapott.com

Alice Potter


“Stick to what you know. This doesn’t mean never exploring or experimenting with new ideas, but use your skills within this boundary to develop and try out different things. As well as having room to explore, working within a theme or particular style gives a cohesive story to your work.”

Illustrator and designer, alicepotter.co.uk

Paul Roberts


“Mix it up via collaboration; it helps keep work fresh. It’s a great way to improve your own work and it also helps you see a different working process.”

Creator of monsters, creatures and superheroes, paulmonsters.tumblr.com

Thereza Rowe


“All my secrets lie on textures, colour combinations and composition play. I scan and photograph anything I find interesting – for example paper, fabric, marks from my own sketchbooks, old photos – and keep a library of them.

“My work tends to be layered and I usually draw most elements that will go in an illustration separately so it gives me the freedom to move them around the layout and play with scale until I feel the piece communicates what it’s supposed to in a fun way.”

Graphic designer and illustrator, therezarowe.com