Sam Wolfe

Combining a mixture of graphite drawing and digital colouring in his beautiful fairy-tale scenes allows Sam Wolfe to retain his love of traditional draftsmanship, while taking it a step further.

“I’ve always been a much bigger fan of drawing, as opposed to painting, so, I guess, my method has always evolved from me avoiding picking up a brush, while still wanting to achieve anything a painter would be able to,” he says.

Sam thumbnails, before coming up with a composition and drawing a full-size sketch onto some newsprint. He then transfers the drawing over to Stonehenge or BFK Rives paper and works on the final image in graphite.

Sam is inspired by stories and folklore, such as Peter and the Wolf (left) and Jack Frost

“Once I get to a place where I feel that the drawing is done, I scan it in and start laying down all the flat colours [in Photoshop], which helps me better define all the objects in the illustration, as well,” he explains.

Sam then adjusts the tones so they work harmoniously.

“Once I’m satisfied with this stage, I’ll start laying over darks and lights, until I start seeing a nice contrast. Then, among final touches, I’ll usually overlay a few textures that I scan in to give it more of an organic feel,” he says.