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Alpina campaign


Based in north London, 2&3 are Jitesh Patel and Alex Hammond, a creative team who combine delicate 2D illustration and the power and flexibility of digital 3D.

Recently the pair were commissioned by a Californian advertising agency to work on a campaign for Alpina Foods, a yoghurt maker. They responded with a series of amazing 3D quilling images, boasting intricate detail that looks exactly like what an actual paper sculpture would possess.

So convincing are these images that it’s not at all obvious how they were made. “The artwork is drawn up in illustrator and then exported to a 3D package like 3ds Max or Cinema 4D,” Jitesh explains. “The final render can be achieved with any number of packages such as V-Ray, Maxwell Render or Bunkspeed Shot.”

The list of software they use may daunt the average designer, but the rendering style is meant to be “as simple and as unobstrusive” as they can make it. “It’s a quicker process to use [CG] than actually creating the artwork in real materials,” Jitesh points out – and the handmade illusion in the results is certainly convincing.

Jitesh and Alex have been developing their style and workflow to make the 3D quilling as realistic as possible, with spectacular results as the Alpina work demonstrates. “We do not claim that the 3D work is paper, although we try and create it as close to the real thing [as we can],” Jitesh says.

Their clients are impressed. “The reaction we have been receiving from them has been very positive,” Jitesh says, “and the work has the added advantage of being easily changed by a client.”

That’s a winning formula for today’s time-conscious creatives.

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