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Soho Beach House posters

Jonas Bergstrand

Swedish illustrator Jonas Bergstrand took inspiration from Miami’s Art Deco architecture in his latest poster project for Soho Beach House, a hotel and private club on Miami Beach. “Back in the day, Art Deco posters aimed for geometrical precision and stringent flat colours, but imperfections were still visible, as with all things handmade,” he says.

Jonas combined bold perspectives and clean shapes to evoke the Soho Beach House experience, depicting “relaxed situations, and the beautiful building… The drama lies mainly in the compositions.”

To create an aged look, lines and shapes “had to be slightly distorted and no colours completely flat”, he says. Adding a multiplied paper texture on top of the images accentuated the effect. “The colour of the multiplied texture drives all colours in the image closer together, and that’s a [natural way] of ageing posters… The trick with Art Deco pastiches is to add the small flaws to make it look true and lively.

“Our aim was to create posters that feel homogenous in style but not too repetitive in layout,” Jonas says. “I felt the sketches in the brief were a bit too similar in perspective so I suggested alternative layouts. In the end I think we delivered decent quality.” Judge for yourself if the image below captures the essence of laid-back beach living and the glossy sunshine of Miami.

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