High fashion demands perfect figures – and Tom Bagshaw has these mastered

Tom Bagshaw’s work steers a course between fashion illustration, digital fine art and character art; his signature look is both haunting and stylish. His most recent project is a series of artworks for a fashion supplement in the Telegraph.

Each piece was directly linked to text about particular items or catwalk shows, ranging from a Perspex shoe to the use of large afro wigs at a one designer’s show.

Brief encounters
“Being given a solid starting point in any illustration work can be a blessing or a curse,” says Tom. “Fortunately it [the brief] immediately sparked the right visual chord and each developed quite naturally from there.”

He incorporated elements taken from reference shots – supplied by the Telegraph’s editorial team – but also created a consistent look that runs through the supplement.

“The mixture of graphic touches with texture and colour choices were the best way to tie things together,” he notes.

Tom says that the key to a great portrait is the eyes, though lighting is also crucial to give a piece personality. 

“The rest of the image can be as stylised as you like,” he says, “but I think you need to be able to connect to the image in some way – and with people it’s always the eyes.” mostlywanted.com.