Kristjana Williams’ new prints celebrate London & the Columbian jungle

Iceland-born illustrator Kristjana S Williams is known for her colourful and fantastical landscapes, created from digitally altered Victorian engravings, and materials from maps and encyclopaedias. 

Each landscape is rich in botanical nature and exotic animals,  born from the things that inspired her as a child. 

She’s released new prints ahead of the Shoreditch Design Triangle exhibition, and they include an exotic spin on London history and cats in the Columbian Jungle. 

The Outline Editions studio and gallery will be showcasing work by illustrators and graphic designers including Kristjana, Noma Bar, Kate Moross, Hey Studio and more as part of London Design Festival.

Detail from Vestur Uglu Lundun 2016/ Kristjana Williams

Shoreditch Design Triangle will run from September 17 to 25. It’s a celebration of the area hosted by Shoreditch creative companies, including exhibitions, installations, workshops, talks and tours.

We spoke to Kristjana about her first children’s book illustrations for The Wonder Garden last year.

She’s also worked in the industries of fashion and homeware, but we show you how you can get your hands on her latest prints.

Two of her new limited edition Giclee prints, Vestur Uglu Lundun and Auster Robin Lundun, can be purchased for £315.

Austur Robin Lundun 2016/ Kristjana Williams

The signed and numbered editions straight from her studio are based on Daniel Petterson’s 24 miles round London in reference to seats of the mobility and gentry map published in 1791.

The original map presents the countryside around the capital in a circular format with colours highlighting seats of nobility and gentry. Each coloured-in location is numbered and four lists placed in the corners of the map show the names of the owners.

Kristjana’s renditions include iconic landmarks of London such as the Shard and the London Eye, interspersed with exotic animals wearing English symbolism - an owl in a black top hat and an ostrich wearing a royal crown.

Detail from Austur Robin Lundun 2016/Kristjana Williams

Kristjana’s artwork is Glicee printed using high quality archival paper and ink. Buyers will get the option of a classic square frame or circular. The bespoke circular frames are hand-carved in England and made-to-order.

Columbian Jungle is a fantastical archival giclee print based on the exotic animals and plants that coexist in the Jungle. But you may also spot unexpected animals, such as cats and a rooster.

Columbian Jungle 2016/ Kristjana Williams
Detail from Columbian Jungle 2016/ Kristjana Williams

It can be purchased for £315.

Watch Kristjana talking about her creative process and her book The Wonder Garden below.

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