Illustrator Rod Hunt’s brilliant treasure hunt for the Daily Mail

Award winning illustrator Rod Hunt’s latest project is a series of illustrations for the Daily Mail’s Great British Treasure Hunt. Rooted in British history, the Hunt is based off solving riddles. Each week, it starts with a clue hidden in the artwork of the traditional British scene.

Rod Hunt is a London based illustrator whose retro tinged style has attracted many. He has provided illustrations for diverse projects, from book covers to advertising campaigns, also including apps and maps. He recently created a brilliantly satirical masterpiece on the post-Trump world.

Rod’s usual drawing style full of details and colours provided the perfect answer to the riddle-solving Treasure Hunt. To illustrate it, he chose four iconic British landmarks: Warwick Castle, Brixham, Stratford Upon Avon and The Lake District. The pictures’ brightness and retro style encourage the reader to look out for the clues.

Though Rod admitted to taking “artistic licence with the locations”, the places he represented are still easily recognisable. In Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s House occupies the central place, while in the foreground you can see the Theatre playing Antony and Cleopatra. Both tourists and people dressed in traditional clothes walk up the streets, a nod to the town’s history.

As shown by his previous work, which includes illustrations for maps, Rod is used to representing real places but he found this project more challenging because of the deadline. Every illustration took longer than a week to create. To achieve such an impressive final result, Rod started by sketching out rough drawings on pencil that he then followed pretty closely. 

All of the pieces reference Britain’s heritage, which echoes the theme of the Treasure Hunt.

The Great British Treasure Hunt offered a total prize of an impressive £100,000. Each week, for a month, the newspaper would offer a series of riddles to be solved. The first clue would be hidden in Rod’s drawings. You would have to make a note of your answers everyday and at the end of the week, the first letter of every clue would be used to create an anagram of a British city or town. If you found the right answer, a call to the Daily Mail would give you a chance to be drawn as the winner of a weekly £25,000.

For his latest project, Rod found inspiration from an American icon, Frank Zappa. He has just finished a self-initiated drawing referencing the song ‘City of Tiny Lights’. 

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