Illustrated Portraits

Schin Loong's The Rose Eater

“This is the first in my series of Eater paintings,” says Schin Loong. “I wanted to create a very opulent, grand view and collected many inspirations to create the final image.

“Most of my work these days is digital, although I incorporate traditional watercolor textures once in a while. I use mainly Photoshop and Corel Painter.”

1. “A tiny drop of highlight and colour in the eyes goes a long way in brightening up the expression.”

2. “Next to the face, the hand is the most expressive part of the body. Unfortunately, all those fingers and little joints make it quite difficult to do. I practise a lot by drawing my own hand whenever I have free time and studying beautiful hands and how the fingers, nails and palm curve.”

3. “Here I used a lot of textures, but kept her skin marble-smooth as a contrast.”

4. “Flowers bring femininity [to a piece], and the type of flower will shape the viewer’s subconscious feeling for the portrait, too. Roses bring a particular feeling of luxury and passion.”

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