Aaron Turner

Wavering Radiant CD artwork for Isis

Aaron Turner started bedroom record label Hydra Head in 1995 at the age of seventeen. The label’s focus was primarily on hard-core metal and noise acts. It has grown to be at the cutting edge of the art-metal scene, with a roster including Boris and Jesu – acts beloved of hip indie sites, such as Pitchfork – and has put out albums for the likes of Sun O))) and Neurosis.

“The majority of my professional work is still for Hydra Head, along with musical projects I’m directly involved with and the occasional freelance job,” he says. “I would say 60-70 per cent of what I do now is for metal-oriented bands, and all of it is music-related, as it has been since the beginning.”

Turner uses pen and ink, pencil, watercolour and photography – either his own or often that of his wife, visual artist Faith Coloccia.

“I always use the computer in the finishing stages, [but] rarely as the sole means of image production,” he explains.

“My first and foremost concern is always the music; what it sounds like, and what my visual idea of that sound might look like,” he continues. “What are my areas of interest at the time of a project; what does the band want out of the process; and how can I push my ideas and abilities in the context of the project.”

Art for Chapter Ahead Being Fake, a split album featuring songs from Japanese band Boris and American band Torche