Gal Yosef's pop art toons are gunning for Disney

Gal Yosef is a 3D artist & CG director focusing on stylish character/cartoon characters and visual arts.

The Israel-based creative also has his own studio, Fuzion, focusing on CGI/animation, with Gal as main 3D Artist and CG Director.

In his downtime, though, Gal enjoys recreating pop culture icons like Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse in his own cheeky style.

"I really enjoy working on this series because it’s bringing me back to my childhood and I can express myself as much as I want without any limits," Gal emails me.

"I don’t have any deadline for this because it’s my own project, so I can test and learn new stuff while I’m working on it."

The works are made with Zbrush for sculpting and Maya & Arnold for rendering, or 3DS MAX & Corona, depending on the project.

"I'm always using X-gen for grooming even if I’m using 3DS Max for rendering. I export the grooming from X-gen in Maya to 3DS MAX, and for painting I use Substance Painter."

The series has led to great success for Gal, with an offer from one of the biggest galleries in the world to sell his arts as prints and statues.

In the meantime, look out for Gal's takes on Taz The Tasmanian Devil and Daffy Duck.

"Beside that I’ve few surprises, as these art pieces will be animated into super cool short films by me!"

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