Focus: branding

Studio Small

“We have been told that there is a clarity of communication to our work although I wouldn’t say we have a set style,” says Studio Small ( partner and creative director David Hitner. “We believe that it is our job to reflect our client’s brand or organisation rather than work to a house style. Both Guy Marshall and myself have a strong training in typography and print design, so I would say that underpins all our work. We also always think about the production of our ideas as without this a strong idea can be let down by the quality of its delivery.”

Studio Small tends to use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop software for most work. “We use QuarkXPress most of the time for more complex literature projects,” David adds. “We tend to use whatever programme we can quickly realise our ideas in. If a project requires a handmade or hand drawn element we still produce these by hand and then scan or photograph it to place into a design.”

With the rise of digital communication, Studio Small’s job as design agency has become richer. As David says, “Where previously we would communicate our ideas through print or environments, we are now involved in film, animation, and social media interaction to complement these. There are many more ways to communicate and deliver our ideas and messages.”

Studio Small’s work includes the BAFTA Awards 2011 programme, featuring an illustration by Adam Simpson; The 2009 programme with an illustration by Noma Bar; packaging and bottle graphics for Daphne perfume packaging; and leaflets to promote the Margaret Howell fashion label