The Last of Us Part II concept art will make you fall in love

The Last of Us game franchise is one praised for its great visuals, so it should be no surprise that its concept art is just as good.

With The Last of Us Part 2 now finally out, fans were treated to character design behind the game thanks to Naughty Dog concept artist Alexandria Neonakis, who's shared some of her great illustrations on Twitter.

Under the art direction of lead character artist Ashley Swidowski, Alexandria created concept art based on the story pitch for the survival horror sequel, culminating in a final pitch presented to Naughty Dog.

Costuming and story beat concepts present a more gentle look into the world of The Last of Us, one as romantic as the relationship between characters Dina and Ellie.

Alexandria revealed her designs for the dance and greenhouse cut scenes of the game, along with one set in the pivotal location of the game's movie theatre.

The Last of Us Part II is out now, find a review here on our sister site.

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