Tatiana Plakhova’s love of geometry

Dramatic and delicate, Tatiana Plakhova’s mixed-media artwork has an ethereal, insistent energy that convinces you it’s about to burst into motion and shift before your eyes.

She says that her work represents a search for “unity and harmony”, and that at its best, it is “clear yet calm”, combining the organic and the perfectly geometrical.

Tatiana tends to work in collections, each a meditation on a theme – which could be anything from botanical to folk art, always reimagined in her distinctive geometric abstract style.

“All my collections are based on a technique of lines and dots, creating a sense of space,” she explains. “I find there’s something philosophical about this drawing method.”

Colour can completely transform a piece, she points out: “Colour is the first level of perception, and it’s one of the most important elements of a work,” she says. “And it’s interesting that some forms ‘live’ in only one colour variation, while others are more open and variable.”

Her images evolve organically, suggesting new paths and meanings as she hones them through sketching on paper and then developing vector elements on screen. “It’s not about having a clear aim: it’s like a game, with forms and colours, moods and structures [emerging],” she says of her creative process. “Anybody can understand it, in his own way.”