Draw with this amazing pen and it records the artwork to your phone

This pen watches your strokes as you draw on a notebook – and saves a vector version of your artwork to your phone. You can see it in action in the video above.

Tablets and styluses are great (we’ve got the best stylus for iPad and Android covered for designers), but sometimes nothing will satisfy your creative urges like good old, humble pen and paper - and hopefully now the less traditional pen and notebook from BLCK INK.

No, BLCK INK is not a spelling mistake, but some exciting new tech. BLCK BOOK is a leather-bound notebook of “uniquely printed paper” according to its website – so unique, in fact, that any sketches you create on it with the BLCK INK PEN can be uploaded via the app. Accurately and beautifully, according to the marketing videos. 

With the app, which is available for both Android and iOS, you can check out your work, share around the best stuff, and transfer pieces not yet up to the mark to other devices for further edits in PDF or other vector formats, as you can’t edit directly in the app. Though the pen can’t erase, you can edit mistakes later.

If the beautiful drawings in the videos are anything to go by, this really is super cool and a step up from the Wacom Bamboo Spark  which we reviewed and found unable to deliver the precision that artists need - though to be fair Wacom actually aimed the pen at designers and creative directors. We just got a little prematurely excited and let Lizzie Mary Cullen give the Wacom Bamboo Spark a go (below). 

Unlike Wacom's offering - which has a pen that can be filled with any old ink, works with bog standard paper and relies on a tablet case to transfer your sketches to the tablet itself - BLCK INK works via an embedded digital camera within the pen that takes a snapshot of each stroke, which is then sent to the app via Bluetooth.

The pen is not compatible with your average notebook and nor is the pretty small 120-page A5 specialised notebook compatible with other pens, but you can buy (expensive) refills for both. 

Perhaps the BLCK INK worth it despite the extra cash if it can accurately and reflectively digitise artists' sketches. We're getting the gadget in for review soon, so keep an eye out for our verdict. 

Check out the BLCK INK Instagram for more information - and our best smart pens feature to see how the BLCK INK compares to its competition.

BLCK INK is based in Hollywood, but does ship to the UK for around $USD15/£10.41.

Pre-order the BLCK INK set here for $USD199/£138.31.

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