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They call us DA, short for Digital Arts. Or should that be Deeper into Art?

We've been deep diving into creative fields since 1997, doing interviews, reviews and festival coverage ever since, and 2019 was no exception.

In this best of list we've featured our essential in-depth reads of the year, covering everything from pricing illustration to the pressures of social media. In-between all that you'll find examinations of Wes Anderson and Tim Burton classics, Neil Gaiman, Japanese art and even a little Björk and BTS.

Dive deep, dear friends. Dive deep.

No to numbers, YES to art! Dan Woodger and other illustrators on surviving the 'follower bias'

More and more clients are moving away from names both big and small due to follower counts. So how do illustrators fight back against this new trend – if they even can? We found out with the help of Colin Kersley, Shawna X, Dan Woodger and Jelly London.

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How to Price Illustrations

Whether you're an established illustrator or just starting out, knowing how much to charge is often the trickiest part of your job. Here we brought together pricing advice from the AOI and top illustrators Tom Humberstone and Miss Magpie Fashion Spy.

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Batman 1989: Why the iconic movie logo and design work by Anton Furst still resonate

To celebrate 30 years of the Tim Burton classic, Jason Fabok, Chip Kidd, Tom Muller and other artists and designers discussed their love for the movie's logo and look.

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Explore unseen concept art from Isle of Dogs

Character artist Félicie Haymoz discussed her wonderful work for Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, with a look at concept art from the film that had never been revealed to the public before.

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Elise Hurst on illustrating Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Australian artist told us how a scan of her sketchbooks lead to Elise creating a beautiful new illustrated edition of Neil’s coming-of-age novel.

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George Wylesol on his demonic take on '90s internet

We interviewed George about Internet Crusader, a squeamish story told on screens that's our best sequential art book of 2019.

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Disney artist Mingjue Helen Chen on creating this year’s poster for THU

This year’s poster for Europe’s best boutique art conference/rave was based on the theme of The Legend of the Seventh Unicorn, and a creative manifesto by the THU’s founder and host Andre Lourenço and concept development/copywriter Joana Vale.

We caught up with Helen over email, who also kindly let us see some of her work in progress, including the feedback she received from Andre and Joana.

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Japanese illustrators and animation talent to watch in 2020

A look at how visual talent behind Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Rilakkuma and more are joining forces with London's Nexus Studios.

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InDesign at 20: how Adobe beat Quark to become the graphic design tool of choice

We looked back at the early years of InDesign with Adobe's Maria Yap, who worked on version 2.0.

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Colouring book star Millie Marotta on bringing colour to an animal world before it's too late

The acclaimed colouring book artist switches gears for new book A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered Animals. Find out more in our interview, which showcases exclusive sketches by Millie.

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Why illustrators around the world are in love with a 1980s Japan they've never experienced

From Vaporwave to Future Funk: Night Tempo artists talked to us about the Japanese aesthetics of cuteness and City Pop.

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Björk's new VR album shows emotion and audio are the future of the medium

We got to experience Vulnicura VR in one of London's best kept secrets, going deep into the project's history with co-creative director and long-time Björk collaborator James Merry.

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Robert Hunter on animating his magical storybook style for a spaced out music video

The promo for Jon Hopkins's Emerald Rush saw the illustrator and children's author bring his surreal and nocturnal voyages to life.

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From Behance to billboards: How one 3D artist took over Times Square

Min Ryu's charming characters and colourful models made it to the Big Apple - all thanks to her Behance page.

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Amazing illustrators on the body-positive art breaking female taboos

Oliwia Bober, Ana Curbelo and Hazel Mead talk about their inspiring illustrations devoted to the female body through tampon books, period art and public toilet vulva 'graffiti.'

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100 years before cats conquered the internet, Louis Wain built a whole cat world

London gallery owner Chris Beetles discussed with us the often-tragic life and incredible work of the Edwardian Britain's best-loved cat artist.

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Yukai Du on her enigmatic, World Illustration Award-nominated works

We caught up with the animator and illustrator at this year's Pictoplasma, entering a whole other world in a little corner of Berlin.

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How to design for K-pop

Mega-popular K-pop boys BTS brought their live show to London in June - and CDs for their Army of London fans to buy on the night. But why are physical albums so popular and well-designed in K-pop? Find out the answers with K-pop's expert designers Studio XXX, who've designed some of the group's best albums.

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The Japan-loving illustrators taking over Instagram with their collaborations

Why illustrators should collaborate more - here artists around the world shared their love of collaborative projects.

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What 500 years of medical illustration has taught us about art and anatomy

© Royal College of Physicians

An exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians in London showed how our understanding of anatomy has been represented by illustrators. 

Our in-depth look at this history of medical illustration in Western Europe revealed two intertwined stories of ever-improving technique and understanding.

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