Artist and graphic designer Stuart Boyd is the founder of Subism, a collective that’s best known for breaking out its paints and marker pens and scrawling artworks across the walls of venues from restaurants to bars and clubs.

Subism is about more than fun, though. “[It’s] about promoting raw talent and providing a platform to raise the profile of the artists,” says Boyd.

Starting as as an online store selling Boyd’s artworks, Subism has sprouted an eclectic blend of activities. The online shop now sells prints from up-and-coming artists such as Phill Blake, Julie West and Mr Penfold. There’s the agency Subism Create, and the Sub ink line of paints and markers.

However, it’s the Subism Live events, which set live art to deep house from Brighton to Sheffield, that are best known.

Boyd says that street art is about “freedom of expression and art for all. Street art is commonly perceived as a non-conforming, subverted artform and I wanted to to break away from this perception by taking art to the people to experience in a live environment.”

Future plans include more live parties and mural commissions for clubs, bars and community projects – plus a book called Memories raising money for the Maggie’s charity. It pairs 12 accounts of lives affected by cancer with 144 artworks based on them. It’s out in the autumn.

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Stuart Boyd from Subism