Online clothing and footwear store Studio Jellyfish is run by Courtney and Philip Mason, a husband and wife team who have created illustration projects for a long list of top-flight clients, including VH1, Sony BMG, and Rockstar Games.

The store was set up as a way for the couple to be creative beyond the computer. They started out selling hand-painted high heels, featuring distinctive illustrations.

“Much of what we do stays digital or becomes printed material,” says Courtney. “We wanted to find an outlet for our love of painting and traditional art. It wasn’t until I went shoe shopping one day that I realised women’s high heels are the perfect canvas for our art and design.”

Studio Jellyfish hand-paints each shoe, so each is subtly different. To ensure that the designs are hard-wearing, they use oil-based paints and coatings.

“We are always looking at new techniques, designs and innovative ways to make our products better,” says Courtney. “Being able to work for ourselves allows us to challenge one another. We have found that because we are a married couple and always together we are able to push one another back and forth in order to achieve better designs.”

Courtney and Philip Mason, the duo behind Studio Jellyfish