What would your city’s identity look like if you were in charge of it? This is the question posed by design studio Norweigan Ink – AKA Frode and Jacob –for their latest community project, CitID. For this they initially approached their favourite illustrators with a strict rule of one-per-city, but after being bombarded by artists looking to take part, they opened up the project to submissions.

The artworks are displayed on the CitID website, with a book of the best work due later this year. Entries have come from as far afield as Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Atyrau (Kazakhstan) and Hereford (Shropshire).

“We were surprised that so many unheard-of places have an active design scene,” says Frode. “We thought that larger cities and capitals would be overrepresented, but that is definitely not the case.”

Diversity is key to the project, says Jacob. From its initial concept, CitID aims to show a range of works drawn from many different cultures and artistic traditions – as well as putting the work of big names next to new talent. The most important thing, however, is capturing the soul of each city.

 “In the end,” says Jacob, “a good, inspired idea is far more interesting than a mere display of technical skills.”

Credits: Katong, Singapore by Sheena Aw; Cadiz, Spain by Raúl Gómez; Hong
Kong, China by Anthony Tsang; Milwaukee, USA by Jeremy Pettis.