5 tips for perfect prints

  1. RGB colours on your screen print differently in CMYK. Do early print outs to test your colours, and avoid PDF-only, on-screen proofs from your printer.
  2. Adjust your curves to add a bit of brightness before you submit your RGB work for CMYK printing.
  3. If budgets don’t allow printed proofs, keep a file of reference print outs to hand, especially of badges and flyers, to test legibility and visibility.
  4. Add value to your posters by doing limited runs. Consider signing them, too.
  5. Be wary of placing design elements or typography at the very edge of your flyers or posters as imprecise cropping blades may remove a little too much or not enough of what you intended.

To learn more about keeping colour consistent across screen and print, see our Top 10 tips for preparing images for print.