Sell your art

There’s a wide range of sites that allow you to sell your art as posters, badges and other desirable real-world objects, providing print-on-demand services so you don’t have to pay up front for loads of pieces. Here’s the five you should check out first.

Zazzle This UK-based, community site enables designers to set up shops to sell a wide variety of merchandise, whether that’s hoodies, mugs or even posters.

InPrnt This site is about art only, but that takes in illustration, fine art, photography and graphic design. Your work will need to be approved before you’re allowed to be a full-fledged submitter, though.

Prickie If button badges are your thing, then you need Prickie. You get 25 per cent of sales and it’s free to join, and they offer templates, to ensure your work prints out properly.

WhiteWall The big German art printer has just launched a UK service, allowing you to order a wide variety of high-end print types at relatively modest prices – from aluminium-backed to under acrylic glass, with frames if you like.

DeviantART shop For ages, Deviant Art has been a hub for online artists of varying ability. You can also sell your work directly through its online shop. So there’s no need for you to store merchandise, and they pay a small royalty on your sales.