Ana Montiel: Cosmic Love

Ana Montiel’s works have a soothing, almost hypnotic effect: they immerse you in colour so that it takes a moment or two to grasp anything else about the piece. Colour is all-important to Ana, and she uses it in sophisticated, surprising ways.

In Palabra de Honor, she places a milk-white girl against a patchwork of jewel-bright colours, forcing you to focus your gaze to take in the girl’s cleanly pencilled features.

A work from the Cosmic Mantras series, one of several which make up Visual Mantras.

Meanwhile, in her Cosmic Mantras series, part of a wider series entitled Visual Mantras, Ana experiments with soft, washed-out versions of colours seemingly taken from space photography, using them in a deceptively simple geometric design. In another of these series, Green Mantras, she subtly juxtaposes clashing colours, teasing green against orange and yellow against purple in a delicate pattern combining plant fronds and geometric shapes.

One of the Green Mantras works, also part of Visual Mantras.

Central to her work, Ana says, is her love of meditation: “It connects you with the true inner boundless creativity we all have inside of us.” The Visual Mantras series is an ongoing experiment into repetitive drawing as a form of meditation.

By portraying the central character in Palabra de Honor in the palest of hues, Ana forces you to look more closely at the subject.

She has exhibited in London, where she now lives, and the US as well as in her native Spain, while her work has been commissioned by brands such as Nina Ricci and L’Oréal Professional. Her wallpaper brand, Pattern Tales, developed cult status after it was featured in The New York Times.

So while Ana Montiel’s work may be restful and soothing, the artist herself is a blur of activity.