Celebrate Women's World Cup 2019 with these Brilliant Art, Design and Animation Projects

The best personal and commercial projects inspired by WWC 2019, featuring Google Doodles from Priya Mistry and Claudine O'Sullivan's giant billboard and mural portraiture.

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 is now on, taking place in the artistic stronghold of France with up to 24 competing teams vying for the top prize.

Whether you're into football or not, these sporting fixtures often generate great personal and commercial projects from around the world, the 2018 World Cup tournament being a good example of this.

With women's football on the up and up, we've already noticed this particular World Cup getting off to a particularly strong start in the illustration game, with awesome Google Doodles spilling online and some nice collectables we wouldn't mind getting our hands on.

Without further ado, step onto our pitch of the best art, design and animation projects inspired by WWC 2019 in a feature we'll be constantly updating until the tournament's end this July 7th. Remember - not every one bolts out of the gate straightaway with projects like these, including corporate sponsors, so nothing is over until the final whistle is blown in Lyon for the big finale.

Daily Google Doodles by global top talent

Google Doodles never fails to impress, and this week the search engine art gallery is pulling out all the stops by sharing six new Women's World cup doodles across as many territories.

We've already seen great works by England's Priya Mistry (who we interviewed in 2018) and the Scotland-based Nuria Boj. Find Nuria's dynamic illustration above, followed below by Priya's ever wonderful combination of Hergé and pastel tones.


We're very excited to see what Sehee Chae has come up with for Google South Korea; that'll be unveiled tomorrow but for now check out our interview and feature with the rising star from last year.

Dan Evans captures the big moments for Mundial

Dan Evans fuses pop culture with poppin' colours, and his first Women's World Cup-inspired piece below definitely catches the eye.

Dan used an iPad Pro to create this visual for the first match between France and South Korea. He'll be creating a series of visuals from the tournament for football quarterly Mundial, and we're quite excited to see what he does next.

Marylou Faure's cute Nike patches 

Marylou Faure was last on our site for an interview about her Nobody's Baby exhibit; today we feature her for this lovely WWC patch she's made for Nike.

Marylou has made five patches in total, all of which have been animated for Nike below.

Claudine O'Sullivan draws Erin Cuthbert

World Illustration Award winner Claudine O'Sullivan has another achievement to add to her portfolio - having one of her works displayed on the iconic Piccadilly Circus billboards.

The artist was commissioned to design a mural depicting Scottish player Erin Cuthbert; the artwork went up in Erin's hometown of Irvine with colours provided by street artists Graffiti Kings.

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