Canned Lions: How a Brilliant Spoof Charity Project Could Help You Win an Actual Cannes Lions Award

Want your own advertising award without the cost and hassle of entering the Cannes Lions? Canned Lions lets you buy one off the Internet – and it could lead to you helping win an award after all.

While the Cannes Lions Festival is off being prestigious – and not so prestigious, more than once – creative agency Doing is running its own thing. The Canned Lions is a 'rival' award scheme where all you need to win a Lion is to buy it.

Admittedly, their Lion is, er, a gold, silver or bronze can. But here’s why we think they’re worthy for any trophy cabinet.

Most importantly, they raise money to end canned hunting, which is the horrifying practice where captive lions are killed by paying hunters.

Not only is canned hunting cruel, but it’s not even ‘impressive’: the fenced-in lions are habituated to humans, often hand-reared and bottle-fed, and so don’t fear people. They have no chance.

Brilliantly for us at Digital Arts, the cans are also gorgeously designed, with great illustration and a satisfying gleam – and their very existence is, by my calculations, an irresistible triple pun. 

And, here’s the fun but: just by buying a can, you might be up for winning an actual Cannes Lion. And, no, that doesn’t entail waving your can screaming “I won a Lion”, running away before any questions. 

In 2017, Doing will enrol the Canned Lions campaign to Cannes Lion, adding to the credits everyone who bought a Cannes Lion, so giving everyone the chance to win.

If Canned Lions doesn’t win, don’t despair. The Canned Lions campaign itself puts it best: “not winning a Lion was still better than losing a lion.” 

All profits go to Campaign Against Canned Hunting.

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