The Best of 2012: Illustrator tutorials

From golden 3D type in any version of Illustrator to how to best use Illustrator CS6's new pattern tool, from faux vintage lettering to deep texturing, you'll find a whole host of techniques in our list of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials of 2012. You'll also discover how to bring the happy to an illustration, and how to plan and execute an artwork to show off styles and techniques you'd like to be commissioned for.

Create jewel-encrusted gold 3D type

Bring a sense of fun to typography design by adding a golden sheen and sparkling gems. Karol Gadzala shows you how (artwork above)

Texture effects for vector portraits

Charles Williams traces a face using vectors to capture our addiction to the world of microblogging and hashtags

Master Illustrator CS6's new Pattern tool

Alex Mathers explains how you can use Illustrator CS6’s new Pattern tool to build repeating objects within vector scenes

Create vintage type styles

Bobby Haiqalsyah explains how he created a stunning piece of vintage-style type

Bring the happy to an illustration

Andrew Groves works magic with fairly basic shapes and colours

Create promotional artwork that sells you to new clients

Ben the Illustrator shows how to excite new clients with your work

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