The Best 404 Page Designs: from delightful illustrations to time-wasting games

You're in the right place to check out the wrong place.

The internet may be slowly slipping into a totalitarian, heavily-regulated nightmare dominated by Silicon Valley goons pretending to be your friend - but that doesn't mean creativity has totally been expunged from the web yet.

Next time you're designing a website, why not suggest a fabulous 404 error page spiced up with a cool animation or even a game? Find inspiration below from some of our favourite error pages on the net, ranging from delightful doodles to 8-bit games you can play on the sly.

Netflix Jobs

Sometimes looking for a job is like walking into the Upside Down, where good grades are bad and unpaid interships are as good as it gets.

Netflix certainly know their TV crown jewels when it comes to their Job site, with a still image above from the world-beating Stranger Things to greet you as their 404. 


Simple, cute and eye-catching, BuzzFeed's 404 page has a nice little cat guarding it, animated tail waving in the air.

Hello, kitty kitty kitty....


Hardware company Corsair have a fun little pirate game for you to play if you end up on the wrong page.

This 8-bit side-scroller is definitely our favourite gameplay 404 page on the web.

Hakim El Hattab

Swedish designer Hakim gets the creepy crown for his many eyed-nightmare of an error page, eyeballs following you every mouse move on the screen.

Fox Movies

Fox Movies utilise their back catalogue for their 404 page, giving you looping clips from different films every time you refresh the link.

Left Logic

You've hit the wrong page, so why not take it as a nice chance to unwind a bit and do some doodling?

That's what you can do when you hit web developer Left Logic's website - I drew a dino for you, hope you like.


Time for some prestige, as trippy visuals from ethical lifestyle brand Goooders have been nominated by Awwwards as one of their best 404 pages of 2019.

Click on the link for a psychedelic journey into fizzing colours and flashing star shapes which you can control with your clicks.

We feel epileptics might need a trigger warning for this one, though.


Because dogs are better than cats.

Yeah, I said it.

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