This beautiful new music video is made from over 250 paintings

Jack & Amanda Palmer’s music video starts off well, with the simple creation of a navy watercolour motorbike by artist David Mack. But it gets even better once the riders get on and zoom off in a burst of different colours and shapes, flicking between 250 incredible illustrations. Watching the flowing hair alone is enough to burn your retina. In a good way. 

By the time the bike and its riders are transformed into paper cut-out shapes, with the swirling, beautifully animated, cut-out sky above them, I feel like the wind is running through my hair too. From then, through grass, sunsets and snow, until we are up close-and-personal, eye-on-eye with beautiful, colourful gazes, it’s as good a journey as any motorbike could give. 

David Mack – who is best known for his comic book series Kabuki and beautiful watercolours – really shows off his range in this video: some artworks blurry in blue, some are patterned in purple, some are sketchy and minimal black and white; together, they create the feeling of a couple riding year-in-year-out, through changing seasons, on their 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. 

‘1952 Vincent Black Lightning’ – the name of the song in the video – is by formidable talent Richard Thompson. In fact, all the songs in Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls and Evelyn Evelyn) and Jack Palmer’s (Amanda’s dad and gifted singer in his own right) album You Got Me Singing are covers of some more great songs. You can pre-order the album from iTunes and Amazon from 16 May.

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