The art projects making this 2019 General Election more bearable

Campaigns, illustration and GIFs making us hate life in Britain just a little bit less.

December 12th will see the United Kingdom endure yet another General Election to get us out of the bind that Brexit made, giving us so far a will-sapping parade of suits, capitalists and Twitter abuse that does nothing for the soul or imagination.

Business as usual, then - but the news of the snap election has thankfully got British creatives to work together and make things a little more bearable for culture vultures like us at Digital Arts.

Without further ado we present the best election-inspired imagery that's popped up in our inbox and social feeds recently.

They've got our vote

We've liked how a few digital artists have made brand new works to remind UK youth to register to vote; this 3D animated loop from Harry Bhalerao has got our vote for cutest election art yet.

Tampon Book legend Ana Curbelo has also got us far more animated than the beige gammon currently begging for our devotion at the ballot box.

Stellar creative agency Jelly London meanwhile are leading a whole campaign around getting people to register, the Turn Up venture, which has seen Marylou Faure create the below illo.

Jelly are inviting all artists to create an individual piece of work which will form part of an initial social media campaign to get 18-24 year olds to register to vote by the 26th November – and then, as they say, "hopefully make enough noise to make sure that everyone registered actually uses that vote on the 12th December."

Digital artists everywhere are welcome to contribute, and all the works will be placed in a public dropbox to be crowd-sourced for multiple use. Why not have a pop?

It’s Our Time

We recently applauded the #ItsOurTime campaign for the great art that came out during this year's Global Climate Strike; now, the politically neutral venture has redoubled for an artistic reminder that this election is more than just about Brexit: it's about the future of our world, too.

In a co-venture with top creative network Glug, the aim is to get two million climate-concerned young people to register to vote by the 26th, and ad agencies including Wieden+Kennedy and Saatchi & Saatchi are already involved. The first action is getting these creative agencies to send an all-staff email encouraging employees to register to vote in time for the election, whilst calling on creatives to echo Jelly in making creative collateral in the name of the cause.

Here are some of the stellar pieces to catch our attention so far, starting with this perfect Penguin parody by Stephen Heffernan.

Stephen Heffernan

Extinction Rebellion

Milla Adler (l); Glug x Samme Snow

Katie O'Rourke; detail from piece by Stephen Heffernan

Adapt (l); Unknown 

Stanley Chow's Labour poster

Finally, you can now buy a print of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's face by none other than the main man Stanley Chow.

Head over to Stanley's shop to buy it for one British pound or download for free there to print yourself.

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