Antoni Tudisco on success with his 3D mesh of street and the surreal

The 3D artist talks about international success and some recent big name commissions.

Considering how loud and brash his work is, it's funny how secretive the Hamburg-based Antoni Tudisco is. Mega-popular for his 3D work and increasingly for his very offbeat CGI shorts, the artist has never revealed the process and techniques behind his hyper collisions of street and the surreal; currently his workload is full of projects under NDA, and even an undisclosed music video project. Such secrecy is usually a good sign - if you can't talk about your work, then you must be working for some very big clients. 

His portfolio includes work for Nike and Apple, and recently he's been called on for a worldwide MTV rebrand. We caught up with Antoni for an interview, chatting about dinosaurs to robots and even a little J-pop.

GL: I saw your fantastic dinosaur piece for MTV on Instagram recently; is this your current project?

AT: "I had the big opportunity to work for MTV Worldwide on an ident and also on their rebrand. It was always one of my goals to work for them and watch my works live on TV.

"The projects were - and are - super fun.The design team is super chill and awesome, since they absolutely trust me with my designs and art direction.

"I'm working right now for several brands, but due to NDAs I can't share any further information right now."

GL: I loved your Beat the Robots piece for the City of Dreams resort in Macau - how did it all come about? It's amazingly brave that a resort decided to go with your style.

AT: "I worked with Ogilvy Hong Kong together on this project. It took me almost 2 months to finish the campaign. The main brief was creating robots with fashionable garments.

"Together with their creative director Michele Salati and his amazing team we explored and worked every single day on ideas and executions to achieve the best results. I've still got like 300 'work in progress' files on my Dropbox and those are just the CGI files.

"I'm super happy to have this campaign in my portfolio. It shows hard work and my capability to visualize such a project."

GL: Some of your most popular works recently have been Nike-based. You've done commissions for Nike before, but these were personal pieces, is that right? What inspired you, and do you see them as an 'evolution' of the branding work?

AD: "I'm a big Nike fan; even though I do gigs for them I still love to do personal works based around their sneakers. I'm a big sneakerhead, to be honest.

"I'd say I'm always trying to evolve my skills and style and explore new things to post as personal visuals."

GL: You've posted some fun animations set to hit rap tracks. Would you like to try music video making soon?

AD: "There is something coming soon. I've not made a video from start to finish before, but I've done CGI work for a Kaela Kimura/Reebok video collaboration."

GL: You once said 80% of your work comes from Asia. Is this still true now, and why do you think it is so?

AT: "Now, I'm receiving projects from all over the world. I still love to work with Asian clients, since they are super open for weird and crazy directions, like the Kaela video or the Yatra campaign I did in 2014."

Some of Antoni's work for Yatra

GL: How is it working with your brother Marc Tudisco on animating your pieces, and what is the creative relationship like?

AT: "It's super fun working with him. Since I'm getting bigger projects he can really be a helping hand and also add ideas and thoughts.


"He's also just got his first big job working on a Converse campaign. I'm really proud of him."

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