With Halloween mere days away, we thought we'd scare up 10 step-by-step guides to artistic effects that are guaranteed to give viewers the willies.

Create a burning figure

Anyone you don't like? See how they'd look if they were the lead in The Wicker Man.

Click here to read learn how to paint with fire in Photoshop.

They came from the stars

It wouldn't be Halloween unless aliens came down to subjugate us and mate with our women, would it?

Click here to create a B-movie poster.

Get Wasted

Waste's melted neon zombies are like a day-glo take on George Romero's apocalyptic nightmares.

Click here to see how to make zombie stickers.

He's coming to get you

Horror movies are a key part of the Halloween experience. Why not put yourself in one of the posters?

Click here to have a smashing time.

An odd type of skull

Have you ever seen a skull made of type before?

Click here to learn how to use type as a horrifc effect.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead

OK, so Día de los Muertos isn't until November 2 – but who's counting?

Click here to discover how to make Day of the Dead-inspired tattoo-style illustrations.

Even more skulls!!!

Skulls and owls combine to make an artwork that's questionably scary -- but definitely very hip.

Click here to create an iconic skull and owl t-shirt pattern.

Safe to consume?

These drinks don't look that appetizing, but the painting techniques used to create them certainly are.

Click here to master painting in Illustrator.