2018's best up-and-coming illustrators

Mercedes deBellard / Folio Art

At Digital Arts we love featuring fresh illustrators and their varied styles – whether it be polished line work, mixed media, 3D art or GIFs. With Spring soon to be upon is, it's a great time to shed light on up-and-coming illustrators – so take a look at this talented bunch.

We’ve gathered three names from five illustration agencies, a mixture of boutique and established – Folio illustration agency, Bernstein & Andriulli, Colagene, Jelly London (who by participating, are announcing two new signings here with us) and Grand Matter – and asked them to tell us why they’re loving each illustrator.

So take a look, and make sure to check out more of each illustrator’s work by clicking on the links below.

Folio Art: Mercedes deBellard

Beautiful portrait artist Mercedes deBellard is from Madrid. She’s rising in popular for her stunning illustrations of celebrities, with recent clients including The Guardian, Sunday Times and Stylist France.

Folio Art: Dusk Studio

Dusk Studio is primarily the work of Michael Crozier, often in collaboration with other artists and illustrators. He creates bold 2D and 3D illustration, a mix of typography and bizarre animations (see his most recent mesmerising project, Stay Young). He was formerly a member of Shotopop, and his interesting selection of 3D work is well worth checking out.

Folio Art: Juan Esteban Rodriguez

Also hailing from Spain, Juan creates highly detailed illustrations that are popular for limited edition film posters. If you’re a film buff, you’ll be sure to love his work.

Bernstein & Andriulli: Tim Lahan

Tim Lahan is a San Francisco-based graphic artist and illustrator splitting his time between commercial work and personal projects that include everything from self-publishing to painting.

He's won a couple of awards over the years but is most proud of getting first place for the long jump in the eighth grade. He failed gym class twice.


Bernstein & Andriulli: Studio Takeuma

Born in Osaka in 1981, although now Kyoto-based, Studio-Takeumas work is conceptual, bright and fun with a hint of humour. 


Bernstein & Andriulli: Pat Vale

Born in London 1980, Patrick now splits his time between his London and Brooklyn studios. Known for his large-scale freehand drawings of cities, Patrick has had a couple of break-out moments, two of his time-lapse films going “viral” and getting him press and plaudits for his drawing style worldwide.


Jelly London: Tishk Barzanji

So freshly signed to Jelly London it hasn't been announced until now, Tishk is joining Jelly as a Futures artist.

Jelly absolutely fell in love with his elegant, architectural compositions. There’s something so otherworldly and cinematic about them that is gorgeous. His original training isn’t art led and what he has achieved profile wise is amazing – Jelly is really looking forward to partnering with him to find the right commercial projects.

Jelly London: Dan Woodger

Just as freshly signed as Tishk (you heard it here first), Jelly are absolutely chuffed to have Dan Woodger joining them. He has been working in the industry for a few years after graduating from Brighton and his character style is just so wonderful, his work ethic second to none.

Jelly London: Biff

Previously featured on Digital Arts and a friend of Jelly's for a while, it now represents him. His work is bright, graphic art led and built on incredible sketchbook doodles and hand lettering.

Grand Matter: Aiste Stancikaite

Aistė is a mixed media artist whose work pairs intricate pencil drawings with other traditional and digital mediums. She started her career as a photographer, which gives her a unique eye for framing, light and shadow, often making interesting use of negative space. As well as her illustrative work she has co-founded Rawfind, who design and create beautifully handcrafted leather accessories.

Her commercial illustration spans fashion, design and media clients, and she draws people, objects and spaces.

Grand Matter: Daniel Clarke

Daniel specialises in abstract pieces mixing bold shapes, complex compositional layers and a sophisticated colour palette. He is heavily inspired by architecture and the relationship between geometric and fluid shapes. His work equally lends itself to large scale installation and smaller illustrative outputs; recent clients include the Barbican Centre, St James, adidas and Brummel magazine.

Grand Matter: Alice Bowsher

Alice is a London-based illustrator who works primarily with chunky black ink to create joyful characters, large scale murals and illustrated 3D sets. The imagery she produces is simple, playful and intriguing, full of quick spontaneous marks which also animate really well. Alice has also illustrated and authored a number of children’s story books including ‘Curious’ and ‘Scruff’ published by Hato Press. Her clients include White Stuff, Frances Lincoln Books, SoulCycle and Byron Hamburgers.

Colagene: Florent Hauchard

Florent first worked as a graphic designer. Then, he quickly returned to his first passion: drawing. He loves music, traveling and comic books. Three simple things that inspire him. Especially music, that is necessarily connected to the image by its context and the emotions it arouses. Florent can spend hours finding old funk, bluegrass or bossa nova albums. Same goes for the comic book alleys of the Fnac.

Colagene: Zigor Samaniego

Zigor Samaniego specialises in lettering illustration and does freelance advertising images. After working for many years in the field of architectural computer graphics and graphic design, he decided to leave everything and concentrate solely on his role as a 3D illustrator. In his own style, he likes to put special details in materials, textures (especially the most complex ones as hair and liquids), lighting and atmosphere in every one of his creations. He loves the challenge of imitating reality, in a very personal way.

Colagene: Antonio Uve

Antonio Uve is a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid. His work is simple and elegant, utilising shapes and bright colours to create charming characters. Antonio is focused on textures to give his work a hand-painted look. He is a self-taught illustrator and his background in advertising and graphic design is apparent throughout his illustrations. He is influenced by the cities around him, travels, nature and music. In his personal time, he is constantly seeking new techniques to expand his capabilities; applying his illustrations on textiles, pottery, and recently embroidery.

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