11. Dodge it
The Color Dodge blending mode can be used for soft lighting effects, but applying it to elements that sit over black backgrounds won’t elicit any results. Instead pick a background colour with a slight amount
of red, green or blue to it.

12. Burn it
Color Burn works in precisely the opposite way to Color Dodge. Use it to create a logo that looks like it was scorched into wood, for example.

13. Add real-world textures
Dig out those seldom-used paint brushes and create some textures on board or canvas. Digitise them and experiment with different blend modes to add a gritty, urban look to illustrations. Paint splashes can also be used to create your own personal library of grunge brushes.

14. Mesh it up
Create super cool mesh effects using Transform > Warp, and then selecting Fisheye from the Options bar menu. The example was created by Fabio for msnbc.com.

15. Glow with success
An easy way to add a glow effect is to create a layer with all other layers merged into it (see 18).Now apply a Radial Blur of 10-20 pixels and the Screen blending mode. Drop the opacity to 15%, then raise it
until you get the desired effect.