185 art techniques & tips: learn how to draw people, animals, cities and more better

Lisa Hassell asks leading illustrators and artists their favourite drawing techniques.

In these features, digital and traditional artists – and those who use both – detail how they bring animals, people and cities to life. As well as these broad subjects, some of these features also hone in on specific techniques and approaches –  such as how to make digital artworks look handmade, how to use texture and colours and how to make eye-catching GIFs.

How to draw animals better

Leading illustrators show how they create amazing animal artworks – whether vector, drawn or painted using digital tools or pens, pencils or brushes.

Illustrators include Jamie Mitchell, Casiegraphics, Danny Chatzikonstantinou, Kate Hindley, Emma Levey, Andrew Lyon, MUTI and Marcus Reed.

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Tips for drawing hair, hands & bodies

Learn to draw better bodies, hair and hands from Miss Led, Barbara Dziadosz, Michael Parkin and more.

Read: 19 tips for drawing hair, hands & bodies from leading illustrators.

Tips on how to make digital artworks look hand-made 

Illustrators who work digitally or with mixed media have revealed to us how they create their best work - including where they find their brushes and textures.

Illustrators include Roman Muradov, Mar Hernandez, Raul Soria, Jun Chen, and Nicolas Valencia. 

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Icon Design Tips

Six leading designers share their tips for creating eye-catching and meaningful icons and badges. 

Designers include Caio Orio, Zeynep Kinli, Gordon Reid, Oli Lisher and Sam Peet.

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Tips for urban artworks and cityscape illustrations 

Illustrators reveal techniques for conceiving, composing, drawing, painting and/or texturing artworks featuring a hubbub of architecture and people.

Illustrators include Aron Vellekoop Leon, Thomas Danthony, Giordano Poloni and Celyn Brazier.

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Illustrators reveal how to create amazing animated GIFs 

Six illustrators reveal how to turn artworks into fun, charming, powerful or hilarious animated GIFs in Photoshop or After Effects. 

The basic elements of an eye-catching GIF are easy language and a dynamic motion that fits to the mood of the concept and the message. 

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Tips for using texture in art & illustrations

Top illustrators give conceptual and practical advice on using textures to add depth and feeling to artworks.

Use stock as textures, be inspired by natural textures, get scribbling, use real textures with Erick Ortega, Nicholas Frith, Alex Foster and Alberto Cerriteno.

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How to draw groups of people and crowds 

20 tips by leading illustrators, who reveal their techniques for making crowds of people look interesting, eye-catching and easy to 'read'.

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Techniques for using colour in your art

Use colour better in your artworks with these illustration tips from the likes of Owen Davey, Maria Munn, Dave Bain, Ana Galvan and more. 

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