5 Crispy sharp edges
Sharpen strokes that look blurred, or get lost due to anti-aliasing, by zooming in tight on text on your Illustrator web page, then selecting View > Pixel Preview to display the new pixel grid. Open the Transform panel (Window > Transform) and select Align to Pixel Grid. Watch the vectors shift into shape to create tidier edges.

6 Grids with shortcuts
Pressing the arrow keys while dragging out any frame tool in InDesign automatically divides up the frame into a grid of smaller frames. Hitting the Up or Down arrow keys adds or removes a grid column, whilst Left and Right arrows adds or removes grid rows.

7 Automatic artboard rotation
Illustrator CS5 automatically rotates artboards of mixed orientation in a document to the correct orientation for printing. In the Print dialog, select Portrait Media for all artboards, then Auto-Rotate. Landscape artboards will automatically rotate in the preview window.