Artist Yippie Hey on 3D printing a futuristic magazine cover

The cover was made for a recent future-themed issue of Shortlist magazine.

"It's always been a fantastic and very forward thinking publication," Jacob Eisinger tells us. "I've thoroughly enjoyed working with them on different projects over the years, so it's a real shame that the print publication will no longer be running."

No, he's not talking about Digital Arts, but weekly UK men's publication Shortlist, which is shutting up shop on its print edition this month. As one of its final issues, the magazine asked Jacob aka CGI artist Yippie Hey to create a forward-thinking cover and assets that would go with a 'digital future' theme. The result was a 3D-printed triumph of typography and design.

"This project was new to me and quite different to my usual style," Jacob tells us by email. "It was my first time using 3D-printing for a client project; previously I'd only used it for personal work and promotional pieces."

Jacob worked alongside the magazine's art director Kevin Fay to plan the typographic piece and how it would be printed.

"As 3D printing is so experimental, there was a lot of trial and error," he says of the project. "It's a very different medium compared to working how I normally do in full CGI since there are many factors that can affect the outcome of the finished product."

Printing of an asset for sports feature inside the issue

Jacob tells us the concept was a perfect fit for the issue as 3D printing remains an experimental and new medium to explore the illustration field. "I'm always trying to look for new ways of presenting my illustration work and keeping it fresh and modern, and finding projects and clients who are interested in doing the same is always really refreshing," he says.

 The final piece

But while this may be the last shout of Shortlist, don't think this'll be the end of the artist's 3D explorations.

"It was a great opportunity to explore that field more and it got me excited about new 3D printing projects. I'm now working on a series of 3D-printed art toys," Jacob reveals.

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