Watch Spoon’s frontman get Photoshopped in slightly creepy music video

US rock band Spoon has just unveiled a new music video for their Hot Thoughts single ‘Do I Have to Talk You Into It’.

The theme? Photoshop, to put it simply.

“We did research, and it turns out 80 percent of our fan base is composed of graphic designers. This one’s for ya’ll,” says the group’s frontman, Britt Daniel. See the final product below.

Photoshop has become an integral tool for graphic designers and creatives across a range of disciplines, serving to edit visual content and make it aesthetically appealing for all to enjoy. Photoshop has just been majorly updated as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud CC 2018 release. Find out all the new features of CC here.

But on the other hand, Photoshop has been criticised for creating illusion, presenting unattainable ideals and playing a role in a multitude of psychological disorders.

At first look, the ‘Do I Have to Talk You Into It’ video appears to be addressing this debate by outlining in a tutorial-style how Photoshop is beneficial and how it can be taken too far - such as when Britt’s skin is erased to just muscle and bones.

According to the creative director, Brook Linder, this is not the case. “People are a little bit paranoid, a little bit dark, things are feeling a little creepy,” Britt says when reflecting on our relationship with technology in the 21st century.

However, he jokes that “it’s sort of funny at the same time”.

The video begins with what seems to be an ordinary Photoshop tutorial, but then progresses into Britt becoming Photoshopped senseless.

Rather than addressing the dark side of Photoshop and the pains of celebrity retouching, the video pays tribute to graphic designers who utilise the resources they have to create beautiful art.

Brook is all too familiar with the “limitations” of time and money of creative designers, especially when beginning a career. “We would have US$300 to make something interesting looking’, he told Gizmodo in an interview, “and it was kind of a boot camp on efficiency and ideas.”

Limited on resources with Spoon’s latest visual, it was time to get creative. Brook placed Spoon’s frontman on a familiar Adobe interface - then added a twist. “We’re going to have him in a studio, what can you do there, conceptually, that hasn’t been done?”

As someone who had always been fascinated with YouTube speed-edits - or videos that rapidly display the process of making complicated Photoshop edits - Brook decided this approach was best for the ‘Do I Have to Talk You Into It’ video.

“The way speed-edits look is really crazy,” says Brook, who sped-up, slowed-down, and edited away segments to produce four minutes of screen-recorded footage in a speed-edit style.

Hot Thoughts

Instead of addressing the dark versus light debate of Photoshop, graphic design, social media platforms and technology as a whole, Brook takes a lighter approach.

“I think it’s more interesting to go the other direction and have this kind of strange feeling that there’s something creepy happening behind the screen,” says Brook. “You want to have a light touch so that people can bring their own interpretations to it”.

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