Top 10 Photoshop tutorials of 2013

Improve your Photoshop skills and learn new techniques for photography, illustration, art and graphics from leading creatives in our top 10 Photoshop tutorials of 2013.

Adobe Photoshop can be used for a versatile range of applications by creatives from every discipline, from transforming photographs to creating a piece of art from scratch, or simply converting the format of an image.

Here, we've collected 10 of the best Photoshop tutorials of 2013 into one place. You'll learn to spice up 3D type, master lighting effects, become a colour expert and more.

Enhance live event photography

In this tutorial, increasingly high-profile photographer Tigz Rice covers how to correct key issues those photographing artificially low-lit indoor events – such as stage shows, theatre productions and awards ceremonies – will come across during their shoots.

Create a digital photo illustration

Here we look at turning a regular photo into an eye-catching fashion illustration using lighting effects and colour correction in Photoshop.

Create a digital painting of a robot mech

Concept artist Takumer Homma takes us through the process of creating a robot painting in Photoshop. Takumer focuses on art fundamentals such as gesture, lighting, tonal value and composition.

Create beautiful lighting effects

Toronto-based Murilo Maciel reveals how he used Photoshop to create a fashion illustration with lighting effects, based around themes of beauty and light.

Master Photoshop layer effects

Creating vibrant, eye-catching images needn't be a complex or time-consuming affair. In this tutorial, James White shows how to add a vivid retro flair to a striking model shot.

Create a beautiful bird artwork

Discover how the accomplished use of shadows and textures can give depth to your work in this tutorial by Andrew Lyons.

Combine real and digital brushes

In this tutorial, Adi Gilbert explains how he produces beautifully-crafted illustrations using a blend of traditional brushwork, and digital techniques with a tablet, stylus and Photoshop.

Spice up 3D type

3D suites such as Cinema or Maya are capable of some amazing renders, but adding textures and colour adjustments to achieve believable results can be a complicated process. The same is true for Photoshop's built-in 3D tools.

Often it can be faster to use Photoshop's standard manipulative tools. In this tutorial, Thomas Burden shows you how to create a Tom Waits-inspired piece, with a grubby old-school New York coffee house aesthetic. He uses a mixture of textures, pre-made brushes, Curves adjustments and colour overlays.

Use brushes to enhance portraits

Taking advantage of both traditional and digital mediums is a powerful tool in any artist's arsenal. In this tutorial, illustrator and product designer David Mahoney will explain how to create a 'tradigital' artwork.

Digital colour tricks for pencil-drawn art

French illustrator Marguerite Sauvage takes us through the development of one of her Flower Woman portraits.

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