Logo Landfill: These retro shopping bags help to shame customers into saving the planet

A canny use of logo and design helps to shame customers into ditching plastic.

Plastic is a blight on our fair planet - the amount of recycling I end up with by the end of the week is a shocker - but Vancouver grocers East West Market have come up with a novel solution that makes nifty use of logo and design.

Public shaming is the name of the game, with shoppers who pick up a bag for their goods have only a choice of embarrassing plastic carriers to walk back home with. The Colon Care Co-Op, anyone? Or the Weird Adult Video Emporium?

There are three designs in total, in a canny creation of fake brand logos to make customers think again about packing plastic.

It's also one of the rare times we've seen a brand hide its name from a product, but all worth it in the name of saving Mother Earth we think.

The bags are only available at the East West Market store in Vancouver, and while we're not sure who's behind the excellently retro and realistic logo and type on the bags they've sure done a bag-up job. The designs take us back to a simpler time with their 70s treatment (and a time when plastic was unfortunately shopped around willy-nilly).

It looks like design really can save the world.

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